Streaming Devices in The Bahamas

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Streaming Devices in The Bahamas

With the iptv streaming industry growing at such a blistering speed, we recommend you fully do your homework.  The amount of Streaming Devices in The Bahamas has grown substantially, both good and bad.  Lots of people out there looking to make a quick buck and running quick scams.  Chances of being scammed are very high and percentages reach a blistering 7/10 will scam you.  Unfortunately you will not even realize until a couple of months later.


Here  at Bahama Streams we like to keep our clients educated, this helps both you the consumer and us as an honest service provider.  We have even taken extra steps as to provide Tutorial videos to help with your investment.  All the updates needed to keep your system going and operating at 100 % capacity, located right here on the website.  The entire reason you have made this small investment was to actually save money and at the same time enjoy all the Entertainment available out there.  You sure did’t sign up for this to get scammed out of a few hundred bucks.


Help full hints on how to find the right Streaming Device and Service without being Scammed

Like we said, there are streaming devices in The Bahamas.  Problem is, which one to buy and who to buy it from.  Chances are if they cost less than $100 and offer no monthly fee, you bet its a scam, lol.  The major issue is that, the individual selling it to you creates such a hype about how much your gonna save and be able to watch.  This completely throws you off your guard and just like that grouper, hook, line and sinker.  Now you have some TV stick or box or who knows what and they just made an easy buck.


It is extremely exciting!  We know, thats why we doit.  Not just for the satisfaction of making our clients happy but it pumps us up to.  This is supposed to be fun, save you money and offer you the world at your fingertips for a fraction of the cost.  The major issue with buying iptv streaming devices from a random person off the street, customer support!  What happens if its only been a couple of weeks and your device won’t event power up.  A, is that phone number they gave you actually going to work? B, if you do get in touch with them, are they going to warrant their product?  Here at Bahama Streams, we give you a hassle free 100% guarantee up to 30 days with no questions asked.


Does every Streaming Devices in The Bahamas allow you to update it?  Meaning, our iptv streaming devices actually have a web browser allowing you to visit our site.  Or any other website for that matter, for example; You Tube, Facebook, Twitter, ANY website.  Why do we offer this you ask, this gives our clients options, everyone likes options.  You will be able to visit our website, login and visit our downloads page. This is a tool for you to update your box when necessary with just a few easy steps.


Can the Streaming Devices in The Bahamas allow you to add a VPN?

What is a VPN?  Virtual Private Network, this means your device is secure from malware on the internet.  This is a very big deal due to the ipt streaming device using the internet to provide you with the Live TV and VOD.  If these streams are not being provided to you from a secure server, then your unprotected.  Any all all your internet devices then have the potential of being hacked or damaged via a virus.  We all know how much of a problem and how expensive it can get to fix that virus.  Here at Bahama Streams we protect the device for you, its a part of our service.  Always remember that if your connecting a device to the internet either through wifi or cabled, protect it and your personal data first.


Here at Bahama Streams we offer a few Streaming Devices in The Bahamas with full customer support and warranty.  We will visit your home and demo our service for you with no obligation on your part.  We give you the options of how you would like you box loaded, certain apps, vpn, etc.  We will then come to your business or home and install at no additional charge.  The Device will be warrantied for 30 days after installation with no questions asked.  The device is however required to be plugged into a protection device.  A 24hr customer support is also available to our clients, with a tutorials page also on our website for quick referencing and troubleshooting.

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