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T95Z Plus 3GSet TV Devices


Here at Bahama Streams, we have trial tested numerous Set TV Devices.  We have spent countless hours, invested significant amounts of money and labored timelessly to find the right Set TV Devices for you.  Contrary to popular belief, these devices have been around since the early ’90s and are constantly changing.

What type of internet is recommended

There are a few very important factors in deciding the right one for you.  The first and foremost is, what type of internet you have.  Do you have the bare minimum to just surf the net and send e-mails, or do you have high speed.  This is going to determine wether or not your Set TV Device will function properly or not.  If your running with just basic internet, you will have to raise your speed to 10 mgbs.  This will allow your device to function properly, however, we recommend high speed internet.

The devices we offer have both the capability to work either via wifi or hard wired with Ethernet (cat 5, blue cable).  Depending on where you internet modem is located will determine how the device is connected.  For example, if your Set TV Device is going to be used with a TV in the same room as your cable modem, then we recommend using the Ethernet cable.  If you plan on connecting to a TV that’s not located in the same room, we then recommend investing in a streaming specific router.   Using the specific streaming router for your Set TV Device will offer a better streaming connection.  If you live in an area where your cable provider is giving you 10 mgbs and your still having an issue, this means your not really getting 10.  We recommend paying for the high speed to ensure your getting enough bandwidths.


How to find the right Set TV Device

Once you have ensured that you are receiving the correct amount of internet.  Now you can move on to the correct Set TV Device.  First, be sure it does have the capabilities of both options, wifi and direct connect.  Gives you the options of adding or removing certain software, this will allow you to keep certain apps updated.  A browser to surf the net, this option is great to have and plays a major roll in keeping you device updated.  At the minimum have a 2G Ram and 8G Rom.  Android 6.0 or higher, we provide the 7.0 and higher.  Has enough storage that you need, for example; if your going to add gaming and music to the device.  Lot’s of clients now a days prefer the device to come fully loaded.  This will allow you to watch Live TV (with a paid subscription), videos on demand, movies on demand, pay per view (at no addition cost), music and gaming.  There are many young families that are investing in our “All in One Family Home Entertainment System”.  This allows the entire family to enjoy everything from one device.  So, the higher the ram and rom the better for you if your looking to make your Set TV Device into an “All in One Family Home Entertainment System”.


How much do Set TV Devices cost

It all depends on the type of functionality your looking for in the device.  Do yo want the capabilities like the “All in One Family Home Entertainment System”?   Are you just looking to watch the 2600 Live TV channels?  You will find Set TV Devices for many different applications, just remember you get what you pay for.  The small initial investment that you will make after choosing the right one will however save you big bucks.  Our recommendations are with the ones we provide and have had the most success with.  Once you purchase one of our devices, we contact you personally to find out how its going to be used.  We will then load your device to your specific needs, this is all included in the final purchase price.  We have just decided to go this extra step to ensure your satisfaction guaranteed.


How do i use my Set TV Devices


Our devices come with full instructions on how to fully connect your device and use for the first time.  If at any given time you are not sure what to do, you can either contact our 24hr support or simply visit our Tutorials page.  It will only take just a few short minutes to connect your device and enjoy.  There is 3 short steps to follow. Connect the hdmi cable from device to the TV, plug in power cord (preferably into a surge protector), if using wifi (go in to setting once the box is powered on and connect to your net), if using Ethernet, plug into the device and into the cable modem.  Please be sure to purchase an Ethernet cable long enough for your application.  Easy as 123.  Happy Streaming for Bahama Streams.

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