iptv Streaming Devices do work World Wide

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3 Months iptv streaming subscription USADo iptv Streaming Devices Work World Wide


We have been asked so many times over the years. Can your iptv streaming devices be used anywhere in the world? YES! Our iptv Streaming devices do work World Wide!  They ONLY rely on just 10 mgbs of internet to work efficiently. Our devices will allow you to either stream via wifi or direct plugin. For example, simply connect your iptv streaming device directly into the internet router. Using the cat5 (ethernet cable, blue wire), this will always give you better quality streaming verses running with wifi. Most Countries and Cities have amazing wifi and direct plugin is not necessary.

We have trial tested in many different parts of the world and have had great success. These locations include; Panama (Central America), The Bahamas (Nassau, Abaco, Exuma, Long Island), Europe (Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany), China (Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing), UK (London, Glasgow, Manchester), Canada (Montreal, Quebec, Edmonton) These locations just barely touch the surface.  Our amazing iptv Streaming Devices do work World Wide!


Take your device with you

We proudly offer the convenience of being able to simply unplug your iptv streaming device.  Carry it literally anywhere in the world with you and simply plug and play.  We all Love to sit and watch a great movie and enjoy some popcorn. Why not be able to do that no matter where you travel. With our devices you sure can.  Convenience, satisfaction and reliability is what we like to offer.  Why?  Our iptv Streaming Devices do work World Wide!

Just always be sure to remember that our devices are US plug only. If you are traveling to other countries, please be sure to buy the correct electrical adapter for that particular country. Coming soon, we will be offering on the website a combo pack of different adapters for certain parts of the world.

When traveling and staying in hotels, it’s very easy to set up. If your staying in one of the executive rooms.  Simply follow these few steps; plug your Cat5 (ethernet, blue cable) from the iptv streaming device into the port where you would plug in for your computer.  Connect hdmi cable to television, plug in power cord and you know how to do the rest. If your not in the executive room and given free wifi, just follow the steps to sign in to wifi from your iptv streaming device. This will be found in settings then under Network, choose wifi, put in your password given to you by hotel.  Once prompted to pay for additional high speed internet, do so. This charge is usually minimal and will be charged directly to your room. Once you have gained access to high speed internet, ENJOY!  WHY?  Our iptv Streaming Devices do work World Wide!


iptv Streaming Devices do work world wide and are easy to use

We always urge our clients to become educated in our systems and services.  Here on the site in Menus, conveniently located at the top of every page. There you will find MY ACCOUNT/DOWNLOADS/TUTORIALS. Once you have become a member and logged in. Now you will have access to view our TUTORIALS and become educated on how different parts of the iptv streaming devices work. The DOWNLOADS page will allow you to keep your device updated with just a few simple steps. And last but not least, we offer a 24hr support.

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  1. Yes they sure do…….We took ours to Florence, Itay and never missed a show. Just dont forget your EU electrical plug adaptor.

    1. That is great to hear, your actually our first client who has checked in with confirmation. We have confirmed ourselves traveling but very refreshing to hear this from you. Enjoy! and happy streaming from Bahama Streams.

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