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A bit of History goes a long way!

I guess the reason that landed you here researching iptv streaming with Bahama Streams is probably the same reason what lead us to offer streaming service.  We really never had any intensions of beginning an iptv streaming business, so unique, or new how to even begin something so different from what we knew how to do.

Living offshore and always moving around was one of the biggest reasons. Not the moving part and experiencing the world, the part of not having English TV.  Always paying way too much for some cable service somewhere, with less than a handful of anything remotely worth watching.

Having a house full of amazingly bright kids always kept us entertained, LOL!  Everyone always saying, AH….. the kids don’t need tv, make them go outside.  Trust me, growing up on a ranch, they get enough of the outside for sure.  We agree to disagree. Our kids have just about perfected how to cook from streaming live iptv and watching all the cooking shows.  I am almost certain that the Discovery/Travel Channels have taught them more about animals, geography and science than i sure have. The point is, why limit yourselves and your loved ones.

Our adventure began 5 yrs ago when our last son was born.  Countless hours of iptv streaming research, reading just like you are today.  Educating ourselves on this totally different Matrix.  When I say countless, COUNTLESS!  Once we had all the knowledge and trial tested after trial tested, with friends and family at no cost to them, we were ready.

Financially very difficult and scary at times, non the less, we are here now able to help you.  We are an honest young family offering an honest service to families just like yourself.  If you are still unsure, give us a call and we will be happy to help.

For More Information Contact Us

We make it EASY!

It is simple as 1 2 3, purchase a loaded iptv Streaming device and subscription and your done.  We offer a few devices to choose from. Please keep in mind, we have trial tested hundreds of streaming devices. We highly recommend the preloaded ones we offer.  Remember, you get what you pay for.

The Loaded Device will allow you to watch Everything, yes Everything.  Stream Live TV, Sports, VOD, Music, Video Games and more. Listed On our “Channel List Page” you can surely see for yourself.

IPTV is “Internet Protocol Television”.  In simpler terms, the TV signals are transmitted through broadband and internet connections, rather than over radio frequencies.  Believe it or not, IPTV has been around since 1995 in some capacity. It has skyrocketed and become more prominent in the last few years.  With the major increases in high speed Internet, this has allowed IPTV to become a great alternative to the standard expensive cable television.  



Why choose IPTV is the most often asked question. Saving Money is one of the major benefits that IPTV providers offer.  It’s extremely affordable and there are many options of content to choose from. Offering thousands of live tv channels both in HD and SD and the infamous Videos On Demand that can be viewed at anytime and anywhere.  

We all may wish, but know that you most certainly can not pick up your cable TV box and take it on vacation with you.  By choosing the IPTV you most certainly can and will enjoy ANYWHERE you go in the world.

IPTV is a guaranteed money saver.  You can’t and will not go wrong with the All in One Family Home Entertainment System. With the amount of options that it gives you for the amazing low prices, it’s a no brainer. “Money saved is Money Earned”You will be able to enjoy all your Favorite Genres, sports, Live TV, Music, Gaming, VOD and much more.


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