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Be sure to check the following steps below

  1. Power supply properly plugged in and into a surge protector, device will illuminate.
  2. Hdmi cord is pushed all the way in on both the TV and Device.
  3. Be sure that the batteries used for remote are good.
  4. On the TV remote, choose option input or source and look for Hdmi, if you have more than one hdmi port be sure to choose the one that the device is plugged into. Some tv’s will illuminate the one that is active. If more than one external device is being used you have to find the correct one thru process of elimination.
  5. On home page of your new device, visit settings. Then choose network to connect to internet if you have decided to use wifi vs hard wired to device via ethernet cable. Once you are connected to internet, day and time will read correctly on the home page once you have adjusted time to your zone.
  6. Your Live TV is located in the APP Black TV w/yellow Star.

This works “WORLD WIDE” Take it anywhere you travel in the WORLD!



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